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We are a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing quality generic and proprietary pharmaceuticals that generate long-term sustainable and profitable growth. Our mission, as suppliers of healthcare products of the highest quality, is to serve the constituents outlined in Our Creed: We are dedicated to patients, our customers, our colleagues and our shareholders.

Wishing you the best of health,
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President


Penam develops, manufactures and markets generic drugs and innovative proprietary pharmaceuticals for specialty markets. Penam’s Generics is committed to providing high-quality pharmaceuticals that are affordable and accessible to patients. The company currently manufactures, markets or licenses generic prescription drugs in 85 product families.


Penam is a global specialty pharmaceutical company marketing products to defined customer groups. Sales and marketing is a core Penam competence, where effective targeting of prescribers allows maximisation of sales by a relatively small but high quality sales force.

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Penam combines investment in product development with careful attention to risk management.

The company has clearly defined financial goals. These include high gross profit and operating profit, above average annual sales growth and investment in R&D, combined with aggressive earnings per share targets.


Penam has been built faster than many other companies in the industry; Penam has cut short the time needed to build a global pharmaceutical company.

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